We can help you host the best event possible. We will work with you to arrange your event including menu and beverage consultation, logistics, and any details you need to make a memorable and enjoyable event.

Menu Options:

  • Daytime Events: We are normally not open in the daytime but will gladly do so for a private event with a minimum of 35 Adults. During the day we can accommodate up to 130 people.

  • In order to book a party at 579 we require a $100 non refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied 100% to your bill on the day of your event. We cannot hold the room until we have received the $100 deposit.

  • Guarantees: It is required that we be notified by noon three working days prior to the event as to how many guests will be attending. This will be considered a guarantee for which you will be charged. We will also be prepared to serve 10% over your guarantee if need be. If no guarantee is received we will consider your guarantee to be the number given at the time you booked your event.

Due to the rapidly changing prices of food we can only guarantee quoted prices for 30 days. Parties booked farther than 30 days in advance may be subject to price adjustments to bring them in line with current prices. If we have changed current prices they will be posted on our web site as well as in all literature we hand out.  Prices do not include tax or gratuity.

Thank you

If you are interested in booking a private event with us at 579 you may contact us at 401-722-4400 and ask for Bob, General Manager. Please also submit the form below so we are prepared to speak with you.

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